About Us 

SelfiēSkín Co. is clean and non-toxic acne and hyperpigmentation targeted skincare for melanated skin.
We’re setting a new standard of inclusivity in the beauty industry, one that celebrates all skin types, even the ones with hormonal breakouts and stubborn dark marks.

We champion skin health not skin perfection and embrace the idea that “less is more” when it comes to your skincare routine — eliminating all the “extra” while protecting our people and our planet.

The SelfiēSkín Co. mission is simple: To restore confidence in the filter-free version of your selfie – both physically and mentally.
We are a leading Black-Owned and Women-Owned Business. Take Care of Your Selfíē.

Meet Janell

I’m Janell Norris, Founder and CEO of SelfieSkin Co.

It seemed like the minute I turned 30 years old, everything changed, and I suddenly suffered from hormonal adult acne. Suffering through this new skin condition resulted in severe hyperpigmentation and quite frankly a lack of skin-confidence.

I went on a major hunt for products to address my new adult acne and resulting hyperpigmentation and it led me to become an independent consultant with a major skincare brand. I worked on behalf of this company for three years, soared to the top 2% of the company in my first year, and built the largest team of consultants of color the brand had ever seen.

Once I got to the top and got my invitation to have a seat at the table, I took that seat, and it became clearer that women of color were not the product development nor the marketing priority. 



This frustration led me to take it upon myself to create products with melanated skin in mind to address two of the main skincare concerns for women of color – acne and hyperpigmentation.

I immediately began searching for a cosmetic chemist who would understand how to formulate products with clean ingredients that would produce the desired results for those with melanated skin.

In November 2021, I took everything I learned and longed for from my prior skincare sales experience and launched the fully inclusive brand SelfieSkin Co., which provides clean and non-toxic acne and hyperpigmentation targeted skincare for melanated skin.