About Us 

SelfiēSkín Co. is clean and non-toxic acne and hyperpigmentation targeted skincare for melanated skin.
The SelfiēSkín Co. mission is simple: To restore confidence in the filter-free version of your selfie – both physically and mentally.
Research shows that there is a direct link between social media filters and lower self-esteem and self-confidence. Through constant exposure, people, especially women, begin to expect themselves to look like their filtered self and can become obsessed with achieving that in the real world. 
This is where SelfiēSkín Co. enters the chat.
We seek to normalize the use of non-toxic products that evoke a filter-free type of skin confidence. And, we know selfíē preservation looks different for everyone, but we commend, and provide the tools for consistent skincare as a form of self-care. 
We are a leading Black-Owned and Women-Owned Business. Take Care of Your Selfíē.

Meet Janell

I’m Janell Norris (formerly Janell Muhammad), Founder and CEO of SelfiēSkín Co.
SelfiēSkín Co. is clean and non-toxic acne and hyperpigmentation centered skincare for melanated skin.
The idea for SelfiēSkín Co. was inspired by a series of personal events: the minute I turned 30 years old, everything changed, and I suddenly suffered from hormonal adult acne. Suffering through this new skin condition resulted in severe hyperpigmentation and quite frankly a lack of skin-confidence.
The only products that I found to be effective were ones that contained ingredients that I can hardly pronounce and later learned weren’t necessarily clean, non-toxic, and certainly not healthy or safe. In fact, my quest for products to address my new adult acne and resulting hyperpigmentation led me to become an independent consultant with a very popular skincare brand. Because of my proven and visible results using the products, women who look like me were intrigued, and almost instantly I soared to the top of the sales charts. While working on behalf of this company from 2016-2019, I built the largest team of consultants of color the brand had ever seen (over 40 women of color joined me in business) and grossed over $38K in sales. And this was just my “side hustle.”
Once I got to the top, I noticed how not many people behind the brand looked like me and it became clearer that women of color were not the product development nor the marketing priority. 
This was and still is true of the skincare industry at large: there are not a lot of dual-purpose products that are marketed toward women of color, particularly with melanin-rich skin, that have clean yet effective ingredients.
Fast forward to 2020, and suddenly we are all working from home and conducting meetings via Zoom. Compound this new online-only reality with the fact that our usual skincare and makeup routines have become abbreviated and the overwhelming cultural acceptance of a filtered reality—due to social media's glimmers of perfection—and it's no wonder that the Zoom reflection began to take a toll on many. It was taking a toll on me, too! My hormonal adult acne was reactivated, this time due to pregnancy. However, I wanted to take a more natural approach to addressing it but struggled to find products created for women who look like me. I started to fall victim to skin analysis-paralysis, which led to some bouts of anxiety and depression. The postpartum anxiety didn’t help either.
I decided to turn this test into a testimony and launched SelfiēSkín Co. in 2021.